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Explore a variety of cuisines from our home chefs. Eat healthy food!

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Order the fresh catch and fresh meat daily

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Find a wide variety of baked items, from homes near you

Fruits & Veggies

Go organic! Get organic fruits and vegetables from our farmers


Buy genuine and fresh home grown and homemade masalas from our home chefs and farmers

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About us


  • HomeMenu is a C2C (Customer to Customer) - Aggregator business portal for establishing a healthy food network. It is a platform for buyers and sellers to buy and sell food items and home produces. This portal encourages or helps house wives, home makers and agriculturists to earn without putting any extra effort.

Description of products and services

  • HomeMenu offers a platform to generate income for a home-maker or a farmer from ‘home-made’ or ‘home-grown’ products/items including cooked food items, home-grown vegetables, fruits, groceries, condiments, rice, dhal, honey, fresh fish etc., or for that matter, anything and everything which is made at or from home and/or needed at home [the ‘Products’].
  • The Home Chefs or Sellers who are passionate about cooking, share their homecooked food and earn and income out of it. There are registered Home Chefs across Chennai and their products could be viewed in HomeMenu portal/mobile app. Any home made product can be sold through HomeMenu, this is not restricted only to home cooked food.
  • Buyers can view the products near their location and place orders. They can add requirements if the product they are looking for is not already available.

Company Mission Statement

  • ForYouFromHome – HomeMenu believes in making healthy home food, home produces, fresh fish and vegetables available for everyone and at the same time helping homemakers to earn an extra income from the comfort of their homes. The farmers and fishermen can get a fair price for their products as well.
  • Make every family and every individual an Entrepreneur and self-dependent
  • Promote Women Empowerment
  • Ensure healthy and hygienic homemade products availability for all

Company philosophy and Vision

  • HomeMenu makes available healthy, hygienic and fresh food for Buyers and helps sellers to earn and income out of their passion for cooking.
  • Our Vision is Think Home Food, Think HomeMenu - anywhere in the world
  • Become a Technology driven aggregator for the society

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